Published in Accra, May 30th 2016

The Ministry of Health of Ghana will implement an innovative project to detect more cases Tuberculosis earlier. The Euro 21,6 Million project investment is funded with a Euro 7 million Dutch Government ORIO grant and a concessional loan for establishing a network of 52 multifunctional digital X-ray systems.


ORIO is the Dutch Government grant facility that supports investments in public infrastructure. Oldelft Benelux from the Netherlands was selected by the Ghana Health Service as the integrator and will cooperate with its technology partner Delft Imaging Systems. The 52 X-ray systems will be empowered by Computer Aided Detection software and a platform for teleradiology.


The project “Accelerating Tuberculosis Case Detection in Ghana”  is one of Africa’s largest e-Health investments so far. The multi-functional X-ray systems will also enable hospitals to diagnose injuries from road accidents, fractures, trauma etc. next to finding TB patients, further strengthening the Ghanaian health system.