Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that has a high death toll in Ghana, about 40 Ghanaians per day. However, TB is curable at GHC 100 provided the disease is detected early. This multi-functional digital X-ray machine takes chest images of presumptive Tuberculosis cases here. The chest X-ray is instantly sent to this special computer which interprets the image and quantifies lung abnormalities.


The images are also transferred over the internet to a data base which can be accessed by a specialist in the nearest regional hospital or the capital Accra. Diagnoses of TB patients previously took often more than one week which increased the risk of spreading the disease. Now thanks to the digital technology it takes just 2 minutes for most patients and about 2 hours for those patients with abnormal chest image to know their Tuberculosis status and when confirmed be put on treatment the same day.”

In the week of World TB-day BBC World News reported on an innovative TB case detection project in Ghana.


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