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Our engineers received CT fundamental training at Canon Medical Europe in Zoetermeer.

This training has equipped them to be even more proficient in their field of work.

We are excited to share this great news with everyone!



Universal Delft Limited received an invitation from the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Ghana to train students in the department on the theme: “The Role of Stakeholders in Shaping the Minds of The Next Generation of Engineers”. Our engineers were excited to share their knowledge in the industry, advise and motivate the students about their future prospects.

The number of students present numbered up to 30, made up of students from level 100 to level 300. This was a mandatory exercise for the level 300 students and optional for level 100’s and 200’s.The presentation started off with an introduction of Universal Delft Limited and our work in Ghana and the African continent. A brief description of the work the engineers do at the company was also shared with the students.


news-2Universal Delft Represented at a Business Meeting on Investment in Sierra Leone and Liberia.


Our MD with Her Excellency Mrs Virginia Anderson


Business Breakfast Meeting on Investment in Sierra Leone and Liberia

On Tuesday 11th of June 2019, our Managing Director, Dr Maurits Verhagen was invited by the Ghana Netherlands Business Culture Council (GNBCC) to give a presentation on Universal Delft’s company profile, and the work we do outside Ghana, especially in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The program was organised to stimulate private sector development in Sierra Leone and Liberia through increased business and better use of the Private Sector Development instruments as offered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO).

Present at the event were Her Excellency Mrs. Virginia Anderson, High Commissioner of the Sierra Leone High Commission in Ghana and The Dutch Ambassador in Ghana, His Excellency Mr. Ron Strikker, Mrs. Binta Jalloh, representing the Sierra Leone Netherlands Business and Culture Council (SLNBCC) as well as Mr. Stanley Slagmolen representing the Liberia Netherlands Business and Culture Council (LNBCC), as well as over 40 other invited guests.

This program was held at the Villa Boutique Hotel in Osu, Accra.

news-2Doing Business in Africa award for Delft.

Our mother company, Delft Imaging Systems won the ”Doing Business in Africa Award 2018” and we are pleased to be part of this achievement.

DELFT IMAGING SYSTEMS We’re very proud and grateful to have won the ‘Doing Business in Africa’ award. Our project in Ghana is a great example of our work. In 2016, Delft installed X-ray systems with CAD4TB software in 52 hospitals and clinics across Ghana. The local doctors and physicians were trained in reading and reporting on chest X-rays and tuberculosis.


In addition, all technical maintenance to the equipment is carried out by local engineers of Universal Delft, our local office in Accra. To involve the local population, Ghanaian artists were asked to decorate all the clinics. Over the last 5 years, our innovations helped to screen over 3 million people for tuberculosis…….


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news-2All you need to know about The TB Case Detection project in a short Film.

We are pleased to share with you, a short film that has been put together to basically show in motion what Universal Delft Limited has been up to.


It features all the details you want to know about the tuberculosis case detection project: the set up of the project, how our CAD4TB software can detect a probability score for TB , the various training courses, and how all 52 X-ray systems are interlinked to a central e-Health platform in Accra.


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news-2Largest African e-health Project in Ghana completed.

Dutch company Delft Imaging Systems completed the largest African e-health and tuberculosis project in Ghana this March.

52 X-ray systems were installed across the country to accelerate TB case detection in Ghana. March 24th is World Tuberculosis Day. Tuberculosis (TB) is curable but kills 5000 people every day. A target of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is to end TB globally by 2030.

Effective prevention, detection and treatment of TB is key to achieve this goal in the next 12 years.Ghana is in the global high burden list for TB. In 2016, the national project ‘Accelerating Tuberculosis Case Detection in Ghana’ was approved by the Ghanaian government.

With the help of a Dutch Government ORIO grant and partnering with Oldelft Benelux, local daughter company Universal Delft and the Universal Hospitals Group Ghana…….


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news-2MOH receives Digital Radiology X-Ray Equitment for TB Diagnosis.

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday, received the first batch of ultra-modern digital radiology X-Ray equipment from the Delft Imaging Systems, a Dutch company, for the swift screening of suspected Tuberculosis (TB) cases across the country.

The Delft technology, which is a highly effective means to improve patient diagnoses and referral of TB cases and to build local capacity, is low-cost, user-friendly, highly safe; and has integrated solutions for image capture, image storage, and could also be used for educational purposes.

Mr Maurits Verhagen, the Project Manager of Universal Delft, at the presentation ceremony, said the delivery, formed part of a 21 million Euro joint project with a 35 per cent Dutch grant and 65 per cent funding from the Government of Ghana respectively, to accelerate TB case detection across the country…….


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news-2Solar Powered e-Health Brings LightT in the fight against TB in Ghana.

In the week of World TB-day BBC World News reported on an innovative TB case detection project in Ghana.
“Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that has a high death toll in Ghana, about 40 Ghanaians per day. However, TB is curable at GHC 100 provided the disease is detected early.
This multi-functional digital X-ray machine takes chest images of presumptive Tuberculosis cases here. The chest X-ray is instantly sent to this special computer which interprets the image and quantifies lung abnormalities…………..
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news-2Maiden Stakeholders Meeting Held in Kumasi Golden Tulip.

Published in Accra, November 1 2016

On the 4th and 5th of October 2016, all stakeholders in the ‘Accelerating Case Detection of Tuberculosis in Ghana’ project, gathered at Kumasi Golden Tulip hotel. More than 180 people attended the meeting.

The project, funded by the governments of Ghana and The Netherlands, is in its implementation phase and stakeholders met to discuss project details to ensure a successful execution.

The meeting was opened by the Hon. Minister of Health, Mr. Alexander P. Segbefia and graced by a lot of other dignitaries including the Regional Minister for Ashanti, Directors of the Health and Ministry of Finance, regional Health Directors, a representative of the Dutch Ambassador and many others. Key persons from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, National Tuberculosis Control Program, Ghana Health Service and Universal Delft, explained details of the project and the expected outcome….


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news-2Ghana invests in early Tuberculosis detection with support of the Netherlands.

Published in Accra, May 20th 2016

Ghana’s Ministry of Health plans to invest 21.6 million euros in a project to detect tuberculosis at an early stage.

This eHealth project, which involves a network of 52 digital X-ray systems, is funded by a 7-million-euro Dutch ORIO (Facility for Infrastructure Development) subsidy, and a concessional loan. On 19 May, the project documents were officially signed at the Ministry of Health in Accra, in the presence of Ghana’s Minister of Health and the Dutch Ambassador to Ghana, as well as and Oldelft representatives from the Netherlands. Ghana had selected Oldelft Benelux from Veenendaal as a “turnkey” supplier.

The company will cooperate with its technology partner, Delft Imaging Systems, in the implementation of this project. The 52 digital X-ray systems, which are equipped with Computer Aided Detection software (CAD4TB), form a national platform for teleradiology. It should be noted that, in addition to detecting cases of TB from chest X-rays, these X-ray systems also enable the hospitals to diagnose cancer, trauma, etc. This project will give eHealth in Ghana a huge boost.

news-2Dutch expertise in Ghana is helping to combat tuberculosis.

Published in Accra, May 30th 2016

The Ministry of Health of Ghana will implement an innovative project to detect more cases Tuberculosis earlier.

The Euro 21,6 Million project investment is funded with a Euro 7 million Dutch Government ORIO grant and a concessional loan for establishing a network of 52 multifunctional digital X-ray systems.  ORIO is the Dutch Government grant facility that supports investments in public infrastructure. Oldelft Benelux from the Netherlands was selected by the Ghana Health Service as the integrator and will cooperate with its technology partner Delft Imaging Systems.

The 52 X-ray systems will be empowered by Computer Aided Detection software and a platform for teleradiology. The project “Accelerating Tuberculosis Case Detection in Ghana”  is one of Africa’s largest eHealth investments so far. The multifunctional X-ray systems will also enable hospitals to diagnose injuries from road accidents, fractures, trauma etc. next to finding TB patients, further strengthening the Ghanaian health system.