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Project 1

Accelerating Tuberculosis case detection in Ghana

The Ministry of Health of Ghana, through Ghana Health Services, implemented this innovative project to detect more cases of Tuberculosis earlier. This Euro 21,6 Million project investment is funded with a Euro 7 million Dutch Government ORIO grant and a concessional loan for establishing a network of 52 multifunctional digital X-ray systems.
Universal Delft provided the project management in this important project, which was completed according to schedule on 28th February 2018.

During implementation Universal Delft issued monthly Project Progress Reports.
These progress reports can be downloaded here.

Currently, Universal Delft coordinates and executes the Warranty Period of 2 years on the Project hard-and software, including the e-health platform.

ORIO/e-Health project

ORIO is the Dutch Government grant facility that supports investments in public infrastructure. Oldelft Benelux from the Netherlands was selected by the Ghana Health Service as the integrator for the project through a tender and cooperated with its technology partner Delft Imaging Systems. The 52 X-ray systems are all empowered by Computer Aided Detection for Tuberculosis software (CAD4TB) and a platform for teleradiology.

The project “Accelerating Case Detection of Tuberculosis in Ghana” is Africa’s largest eHealth investment, so far.
The multifunctional X-ray systems will enable hospitals to diagnose other diseases than TB and injuries from road accidents, fractures, trauma etc. next to finding TB patients. This way the whole Ghanaian health system is strengthened.

Project 1
Project 1

The burden of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne infectious disease that causes globally nearly 10 million new patients every year, of whom 1.5 million die, equivalent to 4,100 deaths per day.
When TB is diagnosed on time it is in most cases curable within 6 months with medication for normally less than 25 Euro per patient. According to the 2013 Prevalence Survey for TB in Ghana, about 67% of the 45.000 TB cases in Ghana remain undetected. Hence, as treatment success in Ghana of diagnosed patients is high with over 85%, accelerating case detection is critical to curb the epidemic and End TB.

The Ministry of Health of Ghana stated on World TB Day 2015: “TB prevalence in Ghana measured in 2013, was four times as high as the WHO estimate. We urge to stop the disease also because of the new threat of multi-drug resistant TB”. In response to this, the Ghanaian Cabinet and Parliament approved the ‘Accelerating Cased Detection of TB in Ghana’-project in February 2016.